Making Transactions Real and Intelligent

What is Coiner.World?

A Trade signal Evaluation system on blockchain

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Big Data

Based on massive financial data analysis, integration of technical indicators and Fundamentals

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Evolving trading algorithms and parameters through machine learning

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EOS Dapp

Building DAPP and Financial Sidechain based on EOS ,Tokens evenly distributed,Base On Bancor

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Private Funds Node

The top 21 signal providers will become the main node of the sidechain

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Automatically follow the successful trading strategy,Forecast FOMO game

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All trading strategies and signals are recorded on the blockchain

AirDrop & EOS COW Token , 10billion

2018.9.25, snapshots of the EOS Blockchain by EOSSNAPSHOTS.IO ,Airdrop in October

  • Airdrop single accounts to no more than 35000
  • Tokens can be used to purchase and follow transaction signals
  • Technical support provided by GERMANEOS node
  • Forecast FOMO GAME

A great Financial Experiment

Finding the best quantitative team in the world through incentive and credible evaluation system !

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Transaction Signal


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Trading Log API

Transaction signal on EOS blockchain

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Warning Signals

SMS & Email warning


Be a winner!